Saturday, May 9, 2020

O Great Conqueror

O great Conqueror of sin and death, O Ravager of hell,
What You've done on cosmic scale do likewise to my will:
War against the passions of my flesh and mind until,
Conquering, Your victory extends through me, as well.

Liberator of the captives, Who gave sight unto the blind,
Free me from the lust of flesh and eyes, from boastful pride
Turn my gaze from worthless things to Your pierced hands and side;
Captivate the vision of my heart, my soul, my mind.

O Eternal Word, upholding all creation by Your pow'r,
Righteous Law who rightly orders galaxies above,
Likewise order my life in accordance with Your love
Speak Yourself in me, uphold my soul in faith each hour.

Imprint of the Father's nature, all His glory's Radiance
What You are in essence come and make of me by grace
Dwell in me, make all my body, heart, and mind the place
Where Your name and glory shine in their full brilliance.

Logic of the cosmos, Ground and Goal of each created thing,
Reason for whom all exist, come ground my life in you
Be the wisdom ruling all I want and think and do.
Lord of all, be Lord of me: my End, my God, my King.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Good Friday (a poem)

Matthew 27:1-54
Jeremiah 2:13, 17:13
Isaiah 43:11, 20-25; 53:6
Hebrews 2:14-17; 13:12
Psalm 24:7-10
1 Peter 4:6
Romans 14:9

"Good Friday"

To th'place of broken cisterns he descends
and there to match them his own vessel rends
or lets be rent -- the Fountain, thus to give
from his own side the draught we need to live.
--Water in the wilds, and desert streams!
The ostriches and jackals he redeems
shall honor him, although the sheep have strayed,
and on him their iniquity is laid.
Alone he blots transgressions out, the Lord,
the only Savior, everlasting Word
of Life, now written in the earth with those
who turned away, forsook his name, for whose
lives he now gives his own. But now Death is
no more the last word written here in this
or any lower place-- "Lift up your heads,
O gates! O ancient doors, be opened wide!"
For Life himself has come down for the dead,
the King of glory for those who reside
in darkness and death's shadow, who were lost
to dissolution, separation. Death,
the Mighty Lord will be Lord of this host
as well; your reign has ended with his breath.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday (a Poem)

Matthew 21:1-11, Zechariah 9:9, Colossians 1:15-20, Psalm 62, Psalm 68:32-33, Isaiah 11, Luke 1:51-52, John 1:16, Ephesians 3:19

The King arrives, but on a colt
Has he no image to uphold?
He rides in on a donkey's foal
Is exaltation not his goal?

Yet thus are prophecies fulfilled
In him whose word the waters stilled
And that same breath here bears more weight
Than all the lowly and the great

In th'balances they rise as one
Like feathers, weighed against the Son
Of God and Man, in whom the high
And low both find their archetype

Hosannas from the common rise
To him whose way was in the skies
But now is on a simple beast
Identifying with the least

As with Balaam an ass has been
Exalted over lords of men
For this one bore such weight alone
Of glory as will crush each throne

Of worldy kings, and make them mules
Their robes the frippery of fools
Against Eternity enfleshed
Accepting praise thus poorly dressed.

So here the mighty are brought down
Here all the humble, from the ground,
Are raised up by the Lord who rides
In meekness, though in him resides

All majesty, dominion, pow'r,
Authority, while in this hour
Abasement is his exaltation
Th'ensign raised for ev'ry nation

Glorious shall be his rest
Who makes his glory manifest
In lowliness, on donkey's back
His fullness giving for our lack.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Ghosts Upon the Waves

When the sky reflects the sea
And the waves in torment be
We'll lift our eyes to test our faith
And walk like ghosts upon the waves

And though the sea and sky collide
Let our gaze waver not from Thine
That in the storm and ocean's dance
Our hearts may learn to be steadfast

Like rocks amidst the tossing sea
Impervious, teach us to be
Not blown about by wind or change
Not fearing thunder, wave, or rain

Like angels, walk; like mountains, stand
Our faith in Thine unfailing hand.

Reason for Created Sight

Thank You, Lord, for sunsets: rose-impressioned skies
Thank You for Your grace: Your loving presence in our lives
One day we shall see Your face, with wholly unveiled eyes
That uncreated Beauty, reason for created sight.


Lord, since all eternity
And time are in Your hand
Let my only worry be
To do as You command.

And since Your holy Word contains
All I could need or pray
Only this concern remains:
To listen, and obey.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

You Make a Mockery of Ev'ry Boundary

You make a mockery
Of ev'ry boundary,

Eternal Life, Who stole our death
To plunder grave and hell,
Almighty God, Who as a Man
Did deign with us to dwell

Here making light of sufferings
And burdens we did own
Though not by jeering, but Your strength
In bearing every one.

Not death alone, but also sin --
First cause of ev'ry grief --
You carried off upon Your back
And brought us back relief.

Inverting poverty and wealth
To meet the debt accrued,
Becoming as we are, a slave
You paid what we owed You

As, turning barriers to doors,
Incarnate, dying, You
Made of divided natures one,
Partitions tore in two.

In furthest exile, laughing at
The distances we'd run,
You met us there, Who are our Home:
All banishment undone.

Your rising made of death a joke --
As well, mortality
Ascended to make all Your own
Share Your divinity